Show cattle grooming chute plans

Be sure to file all sharp edges off the metal and welds to prevent injuries to the animal. Always wear a welding helmet and gloves when using the welder. A grooming chute is used for grooming, administering medicine and bathing livestock. The head catch is adjustable, consisting of two sliding arms, which can be bolted in place to secure the neck of the animal between the vertical tubing and the frame of the chute.

The animal is secured without complex restraints that inhibit grooming and washing. Cut one 3 foot piece of steel tubing for the bottom support for the head slats. Mark this as "F.

Grooming Chutes

Weld together the first side. Bolt the steel eyebolt through the hole. Install a nut and washer on the back side; this is where the chain will hook after the animal is in the chute. Cut chain 3 feet long. Attach D-ring hooks at both ends. Attach to eyebolt on "D" once the animal is in the chute. By using the site, you agree to the uses of cookies and other technology as outlined in our Policy, and to our Terms of Use. Skip to main content. Video of the Day.

Brought to you by Cuteness. Warnings Be sure to file all sharp edges off the metal and welds to prevent injuries to the animal. Tips Add rubber mats to the floor of the chute to prevent slipping. Cut one 7 foot by 3 foot piece of sheet metal for the bottom of the chute.

Mark it as "A. Cut six 7 foot pieces of steel tubing for the braces of the chute. Mark these as "B. Cut two 7 foot pieces of steel tubing for the top brace of the chute. Mark these as "C. Cut four 6 foot pieces of steel tubing for the frame of the chute. Mark these as "D. Cut two 4 foot pieces of steel tubing for the head slats. Mark these as "E. Cut one 3 foot piece of steel tubing for the top support for the head slats.

Mark this as "G. Mark these as "H. Turn the chute on its side. Photo Credits farm animals image by Zbigniew Nowak from Fotolia.Our lowest price chute can also be converted into a grooming chute with a GB attachment. Good for grooming the crazy ones. This is much stronger than your typical grooming chute.

The chute is constructed of 2 inch by 14 gauge steel tubing. Rear door can be mounted at 2 different heights. All 3 of our headgates can be attached to this chute. Chute ships economically by motor freight, and it is easy to break down and assemble. The inside chute dimensions are 30 inches wide and 78 inches long. Both sides of the chute top and bottom doors open completely and independently of each other or they can be locked together.

Working side door has a locking arm so you can pin the animal against the opposite side of the chute to limit their movement. Like all of our chutes, this one is completely hot dipped galvanized, which means it is plated in zinc after fabrication, welds and all.

This chute will last and look good for decades and will be the last chute you will ever need to buy. The heavy duty constructed frame is made out of 2 inch by 14 gauge square tubing.

The side doors are sheeted 14 gauge and solid up 52 inches high. The chute floor is diamond tread plate with non slip cross bars every 12 inches to give cattle better footing. This is our heaviest built chute. The chute frame is made of 2 by 3 inch 11 gauge tubing. Doors are made of 2 by 11 gauge tubing with 14 gauge sheet. Chute can accommodate any of our 3 headgates.Started by red Archived Classifieds.

Started by fbrmom The Big Show. July 15,AM. Pages: [ 1 ] 2. Simmgirl03 Jr. Member Posts: 65 Karma 2. We live in Eastern Oregon and go to very few shows so the cost to purchase and ship a new Sullivan Chute is just very unrealistic, but if we could find a good set of plans we are more than capable of building one ourselves. If you could send me any information you have it would be greatly appreciated!

To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act. I don't have a set of plans, but we built one off the diminsions of one we already had, by the time we figured everything in we really didn't save anything and have since just bought them from Sullivans. I don't know what shipping would cost, but you may be able to find one used in your area.

I am with Jill on this one. Building one used to be the way to go, but not with the current costs of materials. Try and find a family getting out of showing and go "show barn fishing". A family in our county just got out of showing, and we just bought their aluminum hybrid chute, 3 show halters, a box of rope halters, misc.

DFarms Sr. Member Posts: Karma 5. Which I think is pretty cheap compared to Sullivan's. Which I know steel price is up and I don't know how much materials would be know. But when I built mine the dimensions were in the Sulivan's catalog and I just went off that.

Call sullivans and ask their deminsions, and they will tell you what yo uwant to know. Thank you all for the input. I keep having mixed feelings about it; but I think we are going to go ahead and try to build our own. We have a reasonably priced metal supplier near our home and I think we can pull a design and dimensions from somewhere. I'm hoping with the money we save I can get some other new stuff! Wish me luck! Thanks again!There's no substitute for hard work.

But cutting edge show supplies can't hurt. Total Control Goat Halter. Clipper Backpack. Sheep Starter Pack. Stierwalt Breaking Halter. Poly Rope Sheep Halter.

Cattle Rope Halter. Pig Whip. Sheep and Goat Leg Wraps. Livestock is your passion and we're proud to support you every step of the way. Need help? Please contact uswe're here for you! You work hard to be the best you can be. We're devoted to bringing you the highest quality products made with the best materials and workmanship. Winning isn't just about the banner. Good sportsmanship and leadership skills are important in and out of the show ring. Learn more about these Principles for Success and the Weaver Way.

Shop Now. What's New Cattle. Halters Leads. Barn Supplies.Started by Geno Archived Classifieds. Started by okshowmom Archived Classifieds.

show cattle grooming chute plans

Started by MPiper Archived Classifieds. Started by r2scott Archived Classifieds. July 15,AM. Author Topic: Building you own grooming chute? Read times. Shorthorn Girl Sr. Member Posts: Karma 4 newest Gauge steer. Once more Into the the fray Into the last good fight ill ever know live and die on this day Live and die on this day.

Member Posts: Karma Rocky Hill Sr. I agree with sjcattleco. I originally planned on building one myself but after seeing steel prices, I ended up buying a steel cadillac chute from sullivan's. I have built them in my ag class when I taught high school ag. It is not hard, and there are a ton of designs out there.

I measured a friend of mine's that I liked, took tons of pictures, brought it back to the classroom, and set my advanced ag kids to work.

We designed it on paper first, then built it.

show cattle grooming chute plans

If I were you, I would talk with your local ag teacher. I always had kids that needed a welding project but did not have the money to make something of their own. This gave them a project to do and kept people in the community happy. If you have welding skills it would be a lot cheaper to build your own chute. I built a half-chute for under bucks. Here's on my son in law and I built but like everyone says, if you have to buy the steel you really don't save anything.

FB at River Falls Show. If you are a proficient welder then I'd say go ahead and do it. Keinanboers Jr. I'll give you an honest opinion from another youth exhibitor, You don't need a grooming chute i've shown cattle for 8 years and have yet to own a chute just simply tie them up and fit and clip them there it takes a little effort but in the end you can groom and show cattle Without a chute.

Show Time King Sr. I have seen so many homemade chutes that are quirky and not solidly built just to save some money. And the homemade ones that are built right cost just about as much if not the same price for a sullivans steel chute. I will def go to bat for sullivans here because they have a quality product and have been in the business for a long time. There chutes are meant to last and there meant to get the job done and keep the cattle comfortable.

You might not think its worth it now but trust me not only will you thank yourself down the road for getting a good quality chute but your "fitters" or "fitting crew" will thank you even more.

I can't tell you how many times at county fairs or state shows I've gone to that I've seen first hand myself or other guys fitting in a rinky dink homemade chute get hurt from calves flipping chutes or have problems because the bars are locked one way or don't set in right to get to a leg or clip a shoulder out. Not too many groomers can get their calf show ready without a chute. So, count on needing one.Aluminum is a soft metal that bends or can break easily - Use with caution!

With a lightweight, portable design, this Half Chute is perfect for taking to shows. With more working space than a traditional chute, it's the ideal choice when you want to fit many head of cattle in a short amount of time. This fitting workhorse is easy to haul, easy to set up and tear down and easy to store. Check our Online Store for our complete line of show products. Note: This page is no longer being updated so some of the information above may be out of date.

Please use these buttons to find current information. Products Articles. Spring loaded stainless steel handle assembly on head gate Three slotted height adjustments for the horizontal side bar. Lower cross bar on head gate for calf's front leg safety.

Handles in back for movement when down or set up. The side bars are round with no sharp edges. Taller wheels allow easier movement 2" tubing with rounded corners 6 ft. Ordering Information.

Stall Chute - by Weaver.Post by J. Privacy Terms. Skip to content.

show cattle grooming chute plans

Quick links. Ad blocker detected: Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker on our website. I am needing to buy a grooming chute. What kind is the best? Thanks for any advice! Steel is heavy but will hold up to something getting spooked.

Can get crumpled. Aluminum is the most popular. Sullivan Supply has good ones. If you are going this way, go to the Beef Congress this weekend at the state fairgrounds and talk to Darlage or Sinnamon sp?

They'll be there and have several to look at. You can also see what everybody else uses. Aluminum is nice for hauling, but if you have a calf that is jumpy, they can tear it up. Steel with wheels is my choice. You can also make your own. If you know a good welder or have a school with an ag program, you might be able to get a deal.

It is very heavy but it is very strong. Thanks Kaneranch. I will check out the Sullivan booth!!

I am learning alot! We tied to a post and washed and clipped. At the shows, groom them in their stalls. Then the third year my husband built a chute, it has gone to the county fair a couple years but that's the only place it's been.


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